The Dark End of the Mall

Shopping can make you work up a thirst.


Lauren Adams
Peter Grosz


Written by Casper Kelly
Produced by Jonathan Mitchell 


Casper Kelly (WRITER) is a writer and director best known for creating the video short Too Many Cooks, the Emmy-nominated TV show Your Pretty Face is Going to Hell, and the Cheddar Goblin sequence in the film Mandy. He has written for many other TV shows, directed a few music videos and shorts, and wrote the book More Stories about Spaceships and Cancer. You can find out much less at his infrequently updated website He’s incredibly flattered to be part of the murderers’ row of talent that contributes to The Truth.


Sung by Laura Yoder Witt
Lyrics by Casper Kelly
Music by Jonathan Mann

Casper Kelly's Adult Swim special "Too Many Cooks"