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The Off Season is a new weekly four-part story from the The Truth, starring Peter Grosz (HBO’s Veep) and Erica Hernandez (CBS’s The Late Show with Stephen Colbert).

The Truth returns with a timely and compelling thriller about how the world enables and nurtures toxic men. It’s about how maybe, this time, things are going to be different.

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Why I Love The Truth

Our intern Maria wrote this lovely essay about why she loves our show.

Sound Design Tutorial

Jonathan talks about sound design for, and breaks down his process for creating the sound of a puffer fish.

Making "Silvia's Blood"

Read the latest article from Jonathan about making audio drama, specifically about the making of Silvia's Blood.

The Truth is now on Medium

Movies for your ears, now with articles for your eyes. We’re now on Medium to talk about our process and connect more closely with our listeners. We’ll bring you conversations with our writers, actors, and collaborators. Take a look.