In Louris van de Geer's Tuesday, adapted here from a stage production, the lives of four shoppers get tangled up as they float from aisle to aisle, battling suburban drudgery while they wait for something to happen

Louris van de Geer is a playwright and theatre maker from Melbourne, Australia. She has developed and presented work with Next Wave Festival, St Martins, Malthouse Theatre, Fortyfive Downstairs, Melbourne Theatre Company, MKA and Playwriting Australia. Follow her on Twitter.

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The story in this episode comes to us by way of Australia, 
It was made by ABC RN's Creative Audio Unit, for their program Radiotonic
It was performed by Anni Ginsterer, Belinde Jombwe, Rupert Reid, and Rahel Romahn.
With sound design by Timothy Nicastri.
Produced by Jesse Cox and Timothy Nicastri.